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The Forsyth Hall

The Forsyth Hall is an excellent modern facility built in 2000, and is available for hire at very competitive rates:

During the pandemic, under very difficult circumstances, the church Development Team (Allan Ritchie, Laura Barron, Francois Van Niekerk, Ian Mackenzie and Paul McKeown) helped see our Annexe project through to completion. This was the culmination of five years planning and fundraising and has afforded a superb suite of buildings which should last us well into the future.

Around 40% of the cost of this build was raised from the congregation, and the remainder was sourced from funders who saw the worth of the project and were willing to support it financially.

They are listed below, with our thanks.


Robertson Trust £20,000

Garfield Weston Trust £25,000

EBS Landfill £45,000

Baird Trust £10,000

Formartine Area Committee £5,000

Church of Scotland £30,000

Swinton Paterson Trust £2,000

Beatrice Laing Trust £4,000

David & June Gordon Trust £500

Coop Local Comm. £1,200

All Churches Trust £1,500

Leader £144,561


Total from External Funding £288,761


Graham Mitchell Architects were involved with the design from the outset, Beedie Mitchell Quantity Surveyors helped keep things to budget, and Alan Stuart builders saw the project through from start to finish. Our warm thanks to them all.


A link to a walkthrough of the building towards the end of construction is available here:

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